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Have you ever thought...

Finding Your Path In Life Can Be Overwhelming…

The market for high-paying jobs is ultra-competitive, the choices are infinite, and the fear of choosing the wrong path can leave you feeling indecisive and stuck.

But it doesn’t have to be this way! You don’t have to settle for jobs that are dull and ordinary! You deserve a life and career that feels extraordinary!

If you…

Want more than "just a job"...


Feel called to do something great and make a difference in the world...


Want to go deeper and be soulful about your path in life...

This Program will help you…

Find your powerful purpose and calling in life.


Get crystal clear on your ideal career.


Get hired and paid what you're worth!

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You have a powerful purpose inside of you!

If you’re brave enough to listen to it and follow where it leads, you will:

  • Find the clarity and confidence you want in your career!
  • Enjoy massive productivity and success!
  • Make great money!
  • Live a deeper, more fulfilling life!
"Rick helped me in so many ways" - Brendan M

I came to Rick feeling down about myself because I was having a difficult time getting a full-time job, I was stressed over making new friends, and I was generally unhappy with where I was in my life. Rick helped me in so many ways, from eating better to creating an improved resume and cover letter…and I eventually got a full-time job in my field of interest! My confidence vastly improved and I met, and now live with my girlfriend. I have found myself looking back upon our time together with incredibly fond memories and I cannot recommend Rick highly enough.

"An amazing ability to ask the right questions" - Kris C

Working with Rick was an incredible experience. Rick has an amazing ability to ask the right questions, cut to the heart of the issue, listen well, and challenge when needed. Rick helped me to identify my core values, and apply them to prioritizing and designing a multitude of projects. Aligning my values with my work really gave me the clarity and confidence to define my goals, focus hard, and go after them. Since working with Rick, I have gained invaluable perspective and insight into what really matters. I feel immensely confident about my decisions and my future.

Here’s How the Purpose Pays Off™ Program Works:

1 | Clarify

Clarify your Purpose and the work that is the ideal expression of it

2 | Create

Create a plan of attack to land the perfect job or even build your own business

3 | Activate

Activate your plan to boldly unleash and perpetuate your purpose to live a better, more fulfilling life doing work you love!

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Don't let one more day go by feeling unfulfilled.
Find clarity, purpose, and joy in your life and your work!
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