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Have you ever thought...

Making a Big Career Change…

…can seem risky, overwhelming and understandably scary. That’s why most people remain stuck in unfulfilling careers.

But you’re not “most people”! You’re ready to listen to that voice deep inside you that knows you’re meant to do something different – something amazing! You’re ready to reclaim your power, reignite your passion and rediscover your purpose!

Do you ever wonder…

Am I too old to find my purpose in life and make a change?


What if I can't compete for a new job?


Will I be able to pay the bills?!

This Program will help you…

Find and reconnect with your purpose.


Identify your ideal career or business opportunity.


Get hired in a fulfilling, lucrative new career...or even start the business of your dreams.


Make great money doing what you love!

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Don’t stay stuck! Find your purpose-driven career pivot now!

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You have a powerful purpose inside of you!

If you listen to it and follow where it leads, you will:

  • Find the clarity and confidence to get unstuck in your career!
  • Identify your ideal opportunity!
  • Pivot into your new job, switch careers or even start your own business!
  • Make great money doing what you love!
"He'll keep you motivated, positive and on track." - Andrew

I’m a 47 year old man living the “American dream” in Los Angeles – job in digital marketing, two cars, two kids, a house with a pool, good public schools, lots of friends – and I realized I was miserable. I was going through a typical mid-life crisis/analysis/awakening – questioning my career path, goals and the legacy I wanted to create for my family and myself. I came to Rick feeling caught it what I call “the matrix” – a life that had been followed based on a pre-set plan on how to be successful in modern life in America. Through a series of constructive and insightful exercises and meetings, I was able to define my ultimate goal and then set a path to getting there. Besides Rick’s positive and friendly demeanor, his many insights, tools, book recommendations and processes are amazing resources for anyone looking for help and guidance in life. After my sessions with Rick, I now have a much clearer picture of who I am, who I want to be and how to get there. Whether you’re looking for a tactical approach to a life change or general support and guidance, Rick is an amazing person and resource to keep you motivated, positive and on track.

"Rick is a person that I plan to have on my team forever." - David

I knew that I need a change in my life. The colors were drab, the sky was grey, and I knew enough to know change was the only way to bring out the sun. From the moment we met, Rick made it easy by just being himself. His ability to connect and lead made it so simple for us to build and instant bond that made our relationship feel like we knew each other since we were kids. Rick has a very unassuming way of listening, repeating and engaging that made our time together feel very differentiating. After 10 weeks, I was a new man. I look forward to coming back to do another rotation as i work on getting to the next level and there is no one else I plan to have by side as I do it. Rick is a person that I plan to have on my team forever. I hope I can repay him – gratitude is not good enough for what he showed me I had inside myself.

Here’s How the Purpose Pays Off™ Program Works:

1 | Clarify

Clarify your Purpose and the work that is the ideal expression of it

2 | Create

Create a plan of attack to land the perfect job or even build your own business

3 | Activate

Activate your plan to boldly unleash and perpetuate your purpose to live a better, more fulfilling life doing work you love!

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