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Have you ever thought...

A Purpose is the Eternal Condition for Success!

Dozens of scientific studies have proven the purpose is THE catalyst to a joyful, successful, wealthy and fulfilling life!

If you…

Are doing "okay", "fine", or even "good" in life, but want to be doing fantastic...


Feel like there is "something" missing...


Are interested in turbocharging your personal performance, self-realization, and spiritual awakening...

This Program will help you…

Step into your power, ignite your passion and embrace your purpose...


Exponentially increase your energy, focus and productivity...


Enjoy enhanced health, wealth and relationships in every area of your life!

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Let’s discuss how purpose can enhance every aspect of your life!

Let’s explore your situation and clarify what areas of your life you want to level up. We’ll identify the obstacles standing in the way of your power, passion and purpose, and discuss how I can help!

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You have a powerful purpose inside of you!

If you learn to listen to it and follow where it leads, you will:

  • Unlock your fullest potential in life!
  • Turbocharge your performance and productivity!
  • Feel energized, powerful, and passionate!
  • Live a deeper, more fulfilling life!
"My clarity on my life’s goals has never been sharper" - Brandon

With a chronic fear of wasting years in pursuit of goals I didn’t believe in, I simply went with the flow of life. I really wanted to grab my life and guide it to somewhere I’d be proud of. Rick really helped me to expand my mind into realms of thought I had never explored before. Rick was hilarious and incredibly insightful, really pulling out of me a better part of myself. Since working with Rick my clarity on my life’s goals has never been sharper. I would highly recommend Rick to anyone who’s unclear on their life’s mission or feeling stuck in life.

"I have a clear picture of where I am going" - Len

Rick’s welcoming personality and genuine care for his clients, made it very easy for me to share my story and talk through my struggles. Rick skillfully helped me bring clarity to the portions of my life that were holding me back. This insight has helped me gain the confidence I needed and change how I reacted to my circumstances. Now, I am able to wake up each morning knowing and embracing my purpose. I have a much clearer picture of where I am going as I move into the next chapter of my life and career.

Here’s How the Purpose Pays Off™ Program Works:

1 | Clarify

Clarify your Purpose and the work that is the ideal expression of it

2 | Create

Create a plan of attack to land the perfect job or even build your own business

3 | Activate

Activate your plan to boldly unleash and perpetuate your purpose to live a better, more fulfilling life doing work you love!

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